Insurance Survey 2016 at FSUE Atomflot

Tue, Dec 20, 2016

December 13-15, 2016 in accordance with the civil liability insurance contracts of FSUE Atomflot, the operating organization of nuclear facilities, a scheduled follow-up insurance Survey (IS) of Atomflots facilities was carried out by RANI inspectors.

The Survey was purposed:

  • To update Atomflot insurance risks for NTPL. The Survey was held in accordance with the established international guidelines on International Pool Survey Procedures at nuclear facilities and particularly focused on nuclear safety and operation; civil liability; fire protection;
  • To review operation safety at barge-transport ship "Sevmorput"
  • To review operation safety at nuclear maintenance ships Imandra, Serebryanka
  • Update nuclear risks of spent fuel and solid radwaste on-shore storage facilities
  • Discuss decommissioning process of floating maintenance base Lepse
  • Discuss nuclear fuel and spent nuclear fuel management
  • Review the status of risk improvement recommendations made following previous Surveys 15-18.04.2013, 02-05.12.2013, 24-28.03.2014

The team of RANI surveyors was headed by Mr.V.Vashchilo and consisted of Mr. S.Babenko,  A.Nikitin and Mr.A.Dovidenko.

Mr.M.Ishchenko and Mr.A.Sladkikh of OJSC Atomic Insurance Broker took part in the Survey as observers.

Atomflot specialists provided access to Atomflot facilities, supported inspectors in their interviews with the management and personnel, monitored the process of photography during inspectors walkdowns. After the necessary security procedures the photo materials were handed over to the experts.

The Survey goals set in the Program were achieved in the full scope. Besides, RANI inspectors requested additional technical documents, which may be used for issuing final report upon the results of the Survey.


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