Follow-up International Insurance Survey at Leningrad NPP

Sun, May 29, 2016

May 26, 2016 inspectors of RNIP Mr.V.Vashchilo and Mr.A.Nikitin in the course of one-day visit to Units No. 1-4 of Leningrad NPP performed a follow-up insurance survey of insured activity in accordance with terms and conditions of NTPL and MD contracts of SC Concern Rosenergoatom. The previous International Insurance Surveys were arranged at this NPP in 2009, 2011 and 2014.

Taking into consideration the information provided in Leningrad NPPs report on the performance of the previously produced recommendations submitted to RANI one month prior, the team of surveyors assessed insurance risks on nuclear safety, operation process, fire safety level.

The surveyors of RANI, certified by International Pooling System, in accordance with the established procedure checked if recommendations of the previous international insurance surveys were put into life, assessed current insurance risks analyzing the presentation made; interviews held with NPPs specialists; reporting and operating documentation; results of observations made in the course of walkdowns, selective visual inspections of the buildings, premises and equipment of Leningrad NPP Units Nos. 1-4.

The plant was prepared for the Survey in a proper way. The management and specialists did their best to provide all necessary support and cooperation during the Survey, and it was highly appreciated by the surveyors.

In general, the experts noted positive tendency in implementation of recommendations made during previous ISIs, were satisfied with safety level of the buildings, facilities and equipment of Leningrad NPP in terms of NTPL and MD contracts requirements.

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