International working meeting at WANO MC

Fri, Apr 1, 2016

March 29-31, 2016 an international working meeting Operation of NPP engineering equipment. Pending issues. was held at Moscow Center of WANO. The meeting was arranged by WANO Moscow Center together with SC Concern Rosenergoatom.

The meeting was attended by 22 electric equipment experts from 5 countries: Representatives of SC Concern Rosenergoatom and NPPs from Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Russia and Check Republic, specialists from SC VNIIAES, Moscow branch of Centratomtekhenergo, SC Atomenergoremont and Russian Nuclear Insurance Pool (RNIP).

The following issues were reviewed in the course of the working meeting:

Analysis of NPP electric equipment failures in 2014 - 2015;

Modernization of electric equipment at NPP units and its results;

Pending issues on turbine generators operating process;

Pending issues on power transformers operating process;

Reliability of switchgears and power systems (including cyber-risks);

Inspections of oil-filled and sulfur hexafluoride electric equipment.

At the meeting RANI was represented by Mr.Nikitin, Deputy Technical Director. He made a presentation on purposes and procedures of insurance surveys at nuclear facilities, experience of insurance risks assessment associated with electric equipment failures that performed in the course of international insurance surveys held at Russian NPPs. The participants took the opportunity to discuss TPL insurance for operating organizations in accordance with Vienna Convention of 1963, current problems and electric equipment operation risks at NPPs.

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