WANO Moscow Center's Seminar on “Risk monitoring”

Wed, Mar 30, 2016

March 22-24, 2016 a Seminar on “Risk monitoring“ was held by Moscow Center of WANO together with Leningrad NPP. The Seminar took place in the Training Center of Leningrad NPP (Sosnoviy Bor, Leningrad region).

The Seminar was attended by 33 experts in safety assessment and risk monitoring from 7 countries: representatives of operating organizations and nuclear power plants from Belorussia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Check Republic and the Ukraine, management company of Russian Nuclear Insurance Pool - Russian Association of Nuclear Insurers (RANI) as well as design development, engineering and research organizations - OKB Gidropress, SC Atomenergoproekt, SC NIAEP. RANI was represented by Mr. A.Nikitin, Deputy Technical Director.

The following issues were reviewed in the course of the Seminar:

  • Requirements to regulatory documents for risk monitoring;
  • Currently used risk monitoring approaches;
  • Operating decisions made upon the results of risk monitoring;
  • Personnel training for work with risk monitoring systems;
  • Interdependence of risk monitoring and equipment modernization;
  • Examples of practical implementation of the risk monitoring systems at NPPs.


The workshop was opened by Mr. Konstantin Kudryavtsev, Chief engineer of Leningrad NPP. In his presentation he focused on importance of the issues discussed and expressed his conviction that risk monitoring will support the personnel in making their decisions for safe operation of NPP units.

The examples of risk monitoring used at nuclear power plants of Moscow Center of WANO presented by attendees from Russian and foreign NPPs were of particular interest. Upon the results of their presentations the attendees discussed monitoring systems currently applied at NPPs with reactors of VVER, RBMK and CANDU types, its advantages and disadvantages, including the ones associated with failure probability analysis of all levels. The participants also took the opportunity to discuss and change ideas and experience on risk monitoring developments, planning technical maintenance services and repairs of principal equipment as well as NPP’s safety systems; possibility to use risk monitoring analysis for needs of Rosenergoatom Crisis Center and for insurance surveys. The attendees also took into consideration some critical presentations regarding organization and operation process of risk monitoring systems.

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