Follow-up Insurance Survey at Kalinin NPP

Mon, Dec 21, 2015

December 7, 2015 the experts of RANI in the course of one-day visit to Kalinin NPP performed a follow-up insurance Survey. Inspectors reviewed performance of the recommendations made during International Insurance Survey arranged at the NPP in October 2013 and observed current operational characteristics of the plant. IS was aimed at assess of NPP insurance risks and subsequent placement of TPL protection with foreign nuclear insurance pools.

During kick-off meeting the surveyors were welcomed by Mr. Viktor Sushko, Chief engineer of Kalinin NPP. He reported in details on the current working and operation process at NPP, focused on modernization process. Currently Kalinin NPP ensures maximum electricity production among all nuclear power plants in Russia. The ambitious goal set by Rosenergoatom in 33 bln. kW-hrs of electricity generation is today performed by the plant for 101,8 %, - said Chief engineer. Special attention is paid to the implementation of the programs aimed at enhancement of the NPP safety level.  Only for the last two years 6,5 mln. rubles were invested in these purposes".

Analyzing the Survey results the surveyors admitted that most of the recommendations made during the previous Survey were fulfilled. Mr. S.Babenko noted the high safety level of NPP, was satisfied with the prepared reports, highlighted the significant amount of the investments into improvement of the safety level of NPP in general, and, in particular, and in the implementation of the industry-wide program for lifetime extension of the operating NPP units.

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